I have lost… No matter how hard I try or continue to put effort in my wishes, they are nothing more than silly aspirations of my own non-conformed self… But I knew that all along… The only thing I didn´t get is why do I still play this role… It is said that if you have a mind, they’ll never let you speak it. And that is true. Everyone is waiting for nothing more that a persona of you. The real you behind the mask will never be allowed to rise from outside the hole. But for some odd reason if they will get to know the true core of you… They will crush it and try to put you in the place that they choose for you. They will do everything in their power to devoid you from anything that they conceive as one or two standard mindset that they choose to accept as right. It does not really matter how much you will be willing to fight for the real you… They will always break your attempts and rip your core to shreds like you were nothing more than a mere puppet put on the string for the enjoyment of the mob. I have shown you who I want to be… And you liked it, for a while. But when I stood naked before the crowd, I have had my flesh torn out of my bones… And how they wished the monster will be no longer himself but again the shadow that lingers among them with fake smiles… Will they accept the monster or will they try to break me into their will? I guess the response is quite obvious… They will win in the end. This world is nothing more than a giant theater… And when the puppets are broken you have to fix them or dispose of them. And the truth will make so many blood boil inside your veins… But it will go no further… Maybe in time you will learn to accept the anger…

And maybe even ignore it… And on that day… You will be either dead or lost… And you may hope that you just don´t get lost…Imagem


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